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    • Chungju Happiness Experiential Forest
      The area is ridden with various elements to try out, including Wood Culture Museum, Auto Camping site, Water park, and the monorail rid of 2km in roundtrip length.

      Tel. : 043-850-7345

    • Lake Chungju Cruiser

      You can enjoy the beautify scenery of the largest lake of Korea, which covers an area of 6600m2, on a cruiser.

      Tel. : 043-422-1188

    • Tangeumdae

      The name originates from the history of the location, where Wooreuk of Gaya Kingdom played his Gayageum. It is one of the most representative tourist destination in Chungju, with its cliffs and pine tree forest.

      Tel. : 043-850-2246

    • Suanbo Hot Springs

      It is the first natural spa in Korea, bearing beneficial minerals that slows the aging of cells.

      Tel. : 043-846-3605

    • Chungju Museum

      You can see the stone relics at a glance in this museum, where the Namhan River is beautifully entangled with Joongangtap Pyoungri Chilcheong Tower (Joongang Tower)

    • Geepeunsansok Ongdalsame

      A healing center that provides rest, sports, meditations, and healing. The facility is equipped with various cultural event facilities and facilities for group training.

      Tel. : 043-723-2033

    • Sungmaru Art Museum

      It is composed of three exhibition halls, holding 200 valuable art pieces collected by the Director, Taenam Choi.

      Tel. : 043-848-7200

    • Chungju Jodong-ri Prehistoric Museum

      It is a large-scale relic o prehistoric villages in the Neolithic and bronze ages, where you can Appreciate various stone relics and pottery.

      Tel. : 043-850-3991

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