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    • Aqua World

      Aqua World, which is located inside Delpino Golf & Resort, is designed with a concept that “Escape from the daily life and enjoy in the nature” as a water theme park where rest and health coexist. Aqua World of Delpino Golf & Resort is composed of an indoor water part and open-air spa, where family and loved ones may enjoy within the nature.

      Tel. : 033-639-3400

    • Delpino CC

      In line with the image of the name, Delpino, which means a ‘pine tree’ in Spanish, the Delpino CC is characterized b its pine tree woods surrounding the course. As the customers appreciate the view over the emerald sea of Donghae, they will gasp with excitement with the beauty of the romantic ocean course. Also, the club has the mountain course, which commands the view of the splendid Ulsan Rock in the grand nature. The mountain course has difficulty, so you will enjoy the excitement of the intuitive shots. The hole designs of this course also require a strategic approach.

      Tel. : 033-639-8400

    • Glamping

      Delpino Golf & Resort also has a glamping center, a resting place, and the barbeque tables, where families may escape from life in the city and get a taste of the nature.

      Tel. : 033-639-3400

    • Tongil Observatory

      Gosung Tongil Observatory is located facing the northern border of the country, where the visitors may view the beautiful Mt.Geumgang. Also, as the observatory commands a view of the demilitarized zone and Haegeumgang along the coastal line next to Mt. Geumgang, the visitors may feel the story of the Korean Peninsular.

      Tel. : 033-682-0088

    • Hwajinpo Beach

      The name of the beach, Hwajinpo, was given since ‘the lakeside is full of rosa rugosa.’ Hwajinpo is the largest natural lake in the East Coast, with the total length of the perimeter being 16km. The areas surrounding the beach is covered by thick pine tree forests, and thousands of migrating birds and swans makes the view even more splendid.

      Tel. : 033-680-3677

    • Lake Songji

      As one of the most representative tourist destination of Gosung, Lake Songji is surrounded by thick pine tree forests. The shore of the lake runs 4km, and the depth goes as deep as 5m. This natural lake commands a beautiful view in combination with Jukdo. Also, it is a well known habitat for migrating birds for winter, such as wild geese, mallards, and swans.

      Tel. : 033-680-3361

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